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What is your Swim Division?

Click the link below to access the BCSSA Guide to Divisions:

The divisional breakdown is based on guidelines produced by the BC Summer Swim Association’s (BCSSA) ‘Guide to Development and Operation of a Competitive Swim Club’:

Division 1                        8 and Under

Division 2                        9 to 10.5 years

Division 3                        10.5 to 12 years

Division 4                        12 – 13.5 years

Division 6                        15 to 16 years

Division 7                        17 to 19 years

Division 8                        20 and Over

Division 9                        6 and Under

O Cat I                            Division 3 and Under

O Cat II                           Division 4 – 6

  • Age groups are based on the swimmer’s age as of April 30.
  • The distance swum in competitions include: 50m, 100m, and 200m in individual events and are determined by associated Division.
  • 6 and Under swimmers are organized into 25m events.
  • “O” Cat swimmers include swimmers that have had more than two hours per week of coached swim practice time during the off-season (Sept through to April 30).